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Personalized Letters

The key to direct mail success is response, and the key to response if connecting with your recipient. One of the best ways to do that is to personalize your mailpiece with direct messages, even tailoring graphics and content to match your recipient's interests. The more personal you can make your mailpiece, the higher the percentage of attention, opening, reading and responding to your offer. Personalize Your Mailpiece and Get More Response!



All Needs utilizes Jet Mail III™, an industry proven technology. The system incorporates the durable and economical HP Ink Jet Technology, giving you the highest quality possible.

Check out these features:

  • Up to 4 inches of print in one pass.
  • All Windows fonts are supported.
  • Black, Red, Blue and Green ink makes an impression. Special PMS color inks can be special ordered for your specific needs.
  • Want your logo, or custom graphic, we can do it!


Laser Printing

All Needs has the technology to print all your letters in black and white or in full color with personalization on every piece. You can then even have it folded and inserted into personalized envelopes.


Tabbing & Wafer Sealing


Unenveloped letter-size mailpieces prepared for automation rate mailings must be secured (tabbed) to prevent an open edge from jamming high-speed processing equipment. Standards for tabbing are based on basis weight of paper stock used and the location of the folded or bound edge. As an alternative to tabs or wafer seals, the open edge of the length of the mailpiece may be continuously glued or spot glued. Continuous glue or spot glue is permissible with single-sheet self-mailers and cards.

All Needs Computer and Mailing completely automates the tabbing process, SAVING you time and money!

Physical standards

Number and location of tabs or wafer seals are specified for particular types of letter-size mail. In all cases, additional tabs may be used. Tabs, wafer seals, cellophane tape, or permanent glue (continuous or spot) must not interfere with recognition of the barcode, rate marking, postage identification, or required address information. In all cases additional tabs or seals may be used. Cellophane tape is not acceptable within the barcode clear zone. Tabs or wafer seals placed in the barcode clear zone must contain a paper face meeting the standards for background reflectance and, if the barcode is not preprinted by the mailer, the standards for water-based ink. Adequate adhesion is required. Basis weight: the minimum basis weight standards vary, depending on the construction of the mailpiece.

Letter-Size Folded Self-Mailers

Folded edge (top or bottom) must be parallel to the longest dimension (length) and address of the mailpiece. With one tab or wafer seal: folded edge at bottom of mailpiece, tab or wafer seal in middle of top edge of mailpiece.

  • Single folded sheet, sealed with one tab or wafer seal, minimum basis weight: 28 pounds (17 by 22 inches by 500 sheets) or 70 pounds (25 by 38 inches by 500 sheets).
  • Two or more sheets, sealed with one tab or wafer seal, minimum basis weight: 24 pounds (17 by 22 inches by 500 sheets) or 60 pounds (25 by 38 inches by 500 sheets). With two tabs or wafer seals: minimum basis weight 20 pounds (17 by 22 inches by 500 sheets) if folded edge is at top or bottom of the mailpiece. Tabs or wafer seals must be placed within 1 inch of the right and left edges of mailpiece With folded edge on right (leading) edge: left (trailing) edge secured with at least one tab or a glue line; additional tabs may be required based on trim size and basis weight. Pieces 7 or more inches in length must be secured at top and bottom edges and be preapproved by the USPS.

Letter-Size Booklet-Type Mailpiece Please refer to the October 2009 newsletter for new tab requirements effective September 8, 2008.

The bound edge (spine) must be at the bottom and parallel to the longest dimension (length) and the address of the mailpiece, unless preapproved by the USPS. The mailpiece must be tabbed (secured) in one of two ways:

  • Top (unbound edge) must have at least two tabs or wafer seals placed within 1 inch of the right and left edges.
  • The right (leading) and left (trailing) edges must be secured with tabs or wafer seals placed within 1 inch of the top right and top left edges of the mailpiece. Cover must have a minimum basis weight of 20 pounds. With spine on right (leading) edge: minimum basis weight 20-pound bond paper. Address must be parallel to longest dimension (length) and unbound left (trailing) edge must be tabbed (secured):
  • If no more than 4-1/4 inches high and 6 inches long, 1 tab or wafer seal in middle of trailing left edge.
  • If more than 4-1/4 inches high or more than 6 inches long, 2 tabs or wafer seals within 1 inch of top and bottom edges.


Minimum basis weight 75 pounds or greater. Double postcards must have folded edge at the bottom. The open edge must be secured with 2 tabs 1 inch from the left/right margin.

Flat-Size Booklet-Type Mailpieces

The contents of the mailpiece prepared in sleeves or other wrappers must be sufficiently secure in the sleeve or wrapper to stay in place during processing. If material bearing the delivery information or barcode for the mailpiece is enclosed in a partial wrapper, that wrapper must be sufficiently secure to prevent the contents from shifting and obscuring the delivery address or barcode.

For more information, see USPS 201B Quick Service Guide



All Needs Computer utilizes the highest quality labelers available. With a proven track record, our automated labelers are built to deliver! We can accurately stick labels on virtually any piece.

Check out these features:

  • Get automated rate postage on colored pieces.
  • Labeling size up to: 4" x 6".
  • Piece size up to 12" x 16".
  • Envelope size: 6-1/2" x 9-1/2" maximum  3-1/2" x 5-1/2" minimum.
  • Save time and money by automating the process.
  • Repositionable Notes



All Needs Computer and Mailing can fold and insert almost anything into just about anything! From manual to automated, we can handle it!

We offer three types of inserting:

  1. Manual Inserting
  2. Letter Inserting
  3. Flat Inserting

Contact Us for a free consultation!



All Needs Computer can offer you a wide variety of sorting methods. A few of the various sorting methods we offer are:

  • Walk-sequencing
  • Saturation
  • Carrier Route
  • Automation
  • Machinable
  • Manual
  • Metered
  • Combined sortation
  • Irregular Parcels
  • Bound Printed Matter
  • Flats and letter sortations
  • Media Mail
  • Repositionable Notes
  • Market mail pieces (irregularly shaped pieces – non-standard sizes)

Bound Printed Matter

Minimum Weight: none

Maximum Weight: 15 pounds (for Bound Printed Matter); 70 pounds (for Parcel Post, Media Mail, and Library Mail)

Package Services is a class of mail primarily intended for merchandise, catalogs, and other printed material. Package Services does not receive expedited service. There are four subclasses of Package Services (see below). Each subclass is best suited for a certain kind of mail, so be sure to pick the one that best suits your mailing. Package Services does not include free forwarding and return, but mailers can use ancillary service endorsements to tell the Postal Service how to treat undeliverable mail.

Unendorsed Package Services, mail that is refused or is otherwise undeliverable will be returned to the sender rated postage due, except for Bound Printed Matter. Unendorsed, undeliverable Bound Printed Matter is disposed of at the local office. You can enhance the service and convenience of Package Services by adding extra services such as insurance and Delivery Confirmation. These services are available for a small fee. Postage discounts are available for bulk quantities of Package Services that meet additional standards for volume, presort, and destination entry.

If you are mailing merchandise, compare the costs and service between Priority Mail and Package Services. In many cases, the postage costs are very similar to Priority Mail but Priority Mail gets there faster and includes free forwarding and return.

Parcel Post

Used for mailing merchandise, books, circulars, catalogs, and other printed matter. There are bulk rates and destination entry rates available for mailers who are sending large quantities of Parcel Post. There also is a barcoded discount available for Parcel Post pieces.

Bound Printed Matter

Bound Printed Matter must:

  • Consist of advertising, promotional, directory, or editorial material (or any combination of such material).
  • Be securely bound by permanent fastenings such as staples, spiral binding, glue, or stitching. Loose-leaf binders and similar fastenings are not considered permanent.
  • Consist of sheets of which at least 90% are imprinted by any process other than handwriting or typewriting with words, letters, characters, figures, or images (or any combination of them).
  • Not have the nature of personal correspondence.
  • Not be stationery, such as pads of blank printed forms.

There are presorted rates, carrier route rates, and destination entry discounts available for bulk quantities of Bound Printed Matter. The minimum quantity is 300 pieces. There also is a barcoded discount available for Bound Printed Matter pieces.

Media Mail

Generally used for books (at least eight pages), film, printed music, printed test materials, sound recordings, play scripts, printed educational charts, loose-leaf pages and binders consisting of medical information, and computer-readable media. Advertising restrictions apply. There are presorted rates available for bulk quantities of Media Mail (minimum quantity is 300 pieces). There is also a barcoded discount available for Media Mail.

Library Mail

Used by qualifying institutions like libraries, universities, zoos, and research institutions to mail educational and research material. There are presorted rates available for bulk quantities of Library Mail (minimum quantity is 300 pieces). There is also a barcoded discount available for Library Mail.

Irregular Parcels

The fully qualified staff at All Needs Computer and Mailing can handle anything you can throw at them.

Some of our most unusual requests have been.

  • T-Shirts into paint cans.
  • Posters into mailing tubes.
  • Gloves into padded envelopes.
  • CD's into multi-flap mailers.
  • Book (2 inches thick) into envelopes.
  • You name it!

If you can design it, the staff at All Needs Computer and Mailing can mail it!

Fulfillment Services

All Needs Computer & Mailing Services handles many busy companies fulfillment needs.

You provide us the product, and daily, weekly, or monthly listing of who needs your product/items and we take care of the rest, insuring that you get the maximum postage discount you can.

No more storing of catalogs and literature, excess envelopes, and remembering to have someone fill your daily requests. Just send the file and product to us – we take care of everything else.


Sometimes all you need to send your marketing piece to the next level is to stamp it! Our fully automated process saves you time and money and gives your piece an more presonalized look.

We can even stamp and address the piece all in one step.

Precanceled stamps are available in four denominations:

  • 1st class postage stamps
  • Presorted First-Class Mail
  • Presorted First-Class Post Cards
  • Regular Standard Mail
  • Nonprofit Standard Mail



Let’s first understand what polybagging is at its basic foundation.

The traditional definition is a clear plastic or polyethylene bag used to package a number of items together, but especially one used to package small supplementary publications from a newspaper or magazine. We’ve also seen entire magazines poly bagged with accompanying pieces like subscription offers and brochures.

This is the sort of polybagging we are accustomed to and see every day.

Today, we are seeing a shift from traditional polybagging to polybagging that is being used in the direct mail industry as a marketing tool. Imagine receiving a direct mail piece with a clear envelope. Would that peak your interest?

High open rates

Probably the #1 reason you would want to use a polybag is so that you can achieve a high open rate. Experience shows that poly bagged pieces gets opened more frequently and quicker than traditional direct mail pieces. The visibility of the contents not only stimulates interest but makes more of an impact and lasting impression on the recipient. This reason in itself should be convincing enough to use or try polybagging.

Cost efficiency

Not only are you going to get higher open rates, but you can also achieve this at the same costs or in some cases even cheaper than using traditional envelopes. First, polybagging keeps your package light and the postage cost low. The ability to polybag large pieces could save big time vs. having to use large (i.e. 9” x 12”) envelopes which can be quite expensive. As well, not using an envelope means not having to pay for printing and design on the envelope!


Polybagging is probably the most versatile housing for your mail piece. Polybagging conforms to the size of your package, rather than the package having to conform to the size of your envelope. The poly can take the shape of any size mail piece, from a small and thin package to a reasonably large and thick package. The poly also makes your piece durable and well protected from water damage and ripping.

CD/DVD Duplication

CD/DVD Duplication Services provide a cost-effective solution for duplicating mass quantities of CDs or DVDs. Our high speed duplication equipment will copy your files and burn a complete image in one easy step.

Whether you choose full color or black and white, you will be amazed at the high quality. We take pride in providing the highest quality at the most affordable price. We will quote each project individually. Pricing varies greatly depending on the actual ink usage.

We can even mail your disks individually to your clients!